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Read Time: 16 Minutes

Vikings were the first gig workers

The Vikings were the first gig workers, working as traders, mercenaries, and as explorers from the late 8th to the early 11th century. Most often remembered as fabled warriors, they were much more than ruthless killing machines.In pop culture, they are protrade as bloodthirsty heathens who raped, pillaged, and killed for sport. But in reality, their society, economy, and lasting impact on history are far more sophisticated. Through different adventures, jobs, and expeditions, Vikings discovered North America, traded with the Far East, and settled in distant lands such as Greenland and Iceland.
Read Time: 12 Minutes

Romans Emperors Were The First Social Media Influencers

Roman emperors were the first social influencers, dominating the ancient world with their image, culture, and beliefs. Through public work projects, coinage, and lasting monuments that can still be seen today.While the concept of social media as we know it today didn't exist in ancient Rome, there are parallels that can be drawn between Roman emperors and modern social media influencers.
Read Time: 4 Minutes

How To Productize Yourself

The most powerful thing you can do is separate how you make money from your time. 99% of people trade their time for money by going to a nine-to-five job that pays them by the hour. If you want to achieve true wealth and freedom, you need to productize yourself by turning your knowledge into passive income.
Read Time: 3 Minutes

The One-Person Business Journey (How To Scale 10X Your Income)

The easiest business to start online is a one-person business, where you are the product or service. This is how I started and turned my skills of graphic design and digital marketing into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you can turn your knowledge as well into hundreds of thousands of dollars.In todays newsletter I will be covering how to start a one-person business online, and how to scale it through productizing your knowledge and services.
Read Time: 4 Minutes

If You Want To Change Your Life In 60 Days Do This…

If you feel like you're in a rut, falling behind, or you're just unhappy with your life, you can start improving your life in as little as 60 days. In this newsletter, I'm going to share with you my framework on how to change your life in 60 days to help you become happier more fulfilled, and how to start creating life systems.
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Making $100,000 Online as a Freelancer

Making your first $100,000 online is not as hard as you think. In today's newsletter, I'm going to go over what I think is the best way to make your first $100,000 online, how I have made my first $100,000 online, and the systems you can use to make your first dollar online.
Read Time: 3 Minutes

Master These 5 Skills To Outpace 99% Of People

Why do some people seem to succeed while others struggle to reach their goals effortlessly? It all comes down to the skills they've mastered. You don't have to settle for mediocrity – you can be part of the top 1%. Today, we're diving into five essential skills that can launch you ahead of 99% of the competition.
Read Time: 7 Minutes

Writing Is a Superpower. Use it to 10X your business.

Writing is everything when it comes to your business.Your sales pages, product descriptions, and social media captions are all chances for you to educate your customers, so are you making the most of them?
Read Time: 5 Minutes

The Perfect Freelancer Schedule

Creating the perfect daily schedule as a freelancer is going to be different for everyone, but this is the one schedule I have found that has allowed me to 3X my business and book celebrity clients.50% of your time should be spent working on client work, and the other 50% should be focused on business development. This 50-50 split took my freelance business from 60K a year to over 150K a year as a solopreneur design agency.Let’s break down how this is perfect for both the beginner and the advanced freelancer.
Read Time: 6 Minutes

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business.

No matter what you love to do, you can turn your passion into a business. The key to doing this is to understand what your unfair advantage is, what community your unfair business serves, and how to monetize what you love to do or have extensive knowledge in.Personally, I love design and illustration and have turned that into a full-time career designing tour posters for country singers, apparel designs for lifestyle brands, and illustrated graphics for advertising.
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Keep on creating. You never know who is watching.

Whether you are just starting your business online or have been at it for a while and you're not growing, do not give up. You never know who is watching and how continuing to show up daily can catapult you to the next level.Growing a business, building an audience online, or getting new clients take patience and dedication. It takes just one post, article, or video to blow up online, land your dream client, or start a partnership that can revolutionize your business.
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Why Building A Personal Brand Is the Future…

Personal brands are quickly becoming the future of marketing and sales. Customers want to know who they are working with, how they can help them, and why they are doing what they are doing. People want to work with people they know and trust, and the best way for your ideal customers to get that from you is if you start a personal brand. So what is a personal brand?
Read Time: 4 Minutes

10X Your Business With Relationship Marketing

The number one problem all businesses face is how to market themselves.There are dozens of proven strategies that businesses use to scale, and almost all of them require a large investment upfront. If you are just starting out, chances are you have a tiny marketing budget or no budget at all. So how can you start marketing your business online?
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Traditional employment is dead welcome the rise of the freelancer…

Traditional employment is dying, and contract work is becoming the new normal for many large companies and highly skilled individuals. Employees are getting blindsided by daily layoffs and employers are replacing them with freelancers to fill in the gaps as the economy is shifting post-COVID.
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Done Is Better Than Perfect.

Done is better than perfect when you are starting any lifelong system.Whether it is starting a business, working out, or reverse engineering your goals you just need to start. But 99% of business owners I talk to have it flipped, they think they need to have the perfect website, perfect product, or perfect social media strategy to get started.