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Branding design for explorer's elixir coffee co.

Branding & Design Services

Starting a successful online business starts with having a strong brand identity system. Whether you're new to business or you've been around for 100 years, you need a logo and branding assets to help you gain trust with your customers. I can help bring your business to life.

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Hand Drawn Fonts

If you are a creative or a Design It Yourself (DIY) business owner, I have hand-drawn fonts you can use in your designs, marketing, or to create your own logo.

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Design Packs

If you are a creative or a Design It Yourself (DIY) business owner, I have design packs to help you design branding materials, logos, and assets for your business or for client projects. Each pack comes with a video tutorial, and source art files you can make custom to your projects.

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Licensed Designs

If my branding services are out of your current budget, I also have a selection of designs you can license. You can use these designs in your business, on merch, or buy outright to use for whatever you want.

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The Ancient Wisdom Newsletter & Guides

Every week I post the best tips, strategies, and resources based on history to help you become more successful, happier, and healthier in less than 5 minutes.

Read Time: 16 Minutes

Vikings were the first gig workers

The Vikings were the first gig workers, working as traders, mercenaries, and as explorers from the late 8th to the early 11th century. Most often remembered as fabled warriors, they were much more than ruthless killing machines.In pop culture, they are protrade as bloodthirsty heathens who raped, pillaged, and killed for sport. But in reality, their society, economy, and lasting impact on history are far more sophisticated. Through different adventures, jobs, and expeditions, Vikings discovered North America, traded with the Far East, and settled in distant lands such as Greenland and Iceland.
Read Time: 12 Minutes

Romans Emperors Were The First Social Media Influencers

Roman emperors were the first social influencers, dominating the ancient world with their image, culture, and beliefs. Through public work projects, coinage, and lasting monuments that can still be seen today.While the concept of social media as we know it today didn't exist in ancient Rome, there are parallels that can be drawn between Roman emperors and modern social media influencers.
Read Time: 4 Minutes

How To Productize Yourself

The most powerful thing you can do is separate how you make money from your time. 99% of people trade their time for money by going to a nine-to-five job that pays them by the hour. If you want to achieve true wealth and freedom, you need to productize yourself by turning your knowledge into passive income.
Read Time: 3 Minutes

The One-Person Business Journey (How To Scale 10X Your Income)

The easiest business to start online is a one-person business, where you are the product or service. This is how I started and turned my skills of graphic design and digital marketing into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you can turn your knowledge as well into hundreds of thousands of dollars.In todays newsletter I will be covering how to start a one-person business online, and how to scale it through productizing your knowledge and services.
Read Time: 4 Minutes

If You Want To Change Your Life In 60 Days Do This…

If you feel like you're in a rut, falling behind, or you're just unhappy with your life, you can start improving your life in as little as 60 days. In this newsletter, I'm going to share with you my framework on how to change your life in 60 days to help you become happier more fulfilled, and how to start creating life systems.
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Making $100,000 Online as a Freelancer

Making your first $100,000 online is not as hard as you think. In today's newsletter, I'm going to go over what I think is the best way to make your first $100,000 online, how I have made my first $100,000 online, and the systems you can use to make your first dollar online.

History is the best predictor of success. What to join us?

Every week I post the best tips, strategies, and resources based on history to help you become more successful, happier, and healthier in less than 5 minutes.

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About Nikolai Paquin

Hey! I'm Nikolai Paquin. I am a creative history nerd and YouTuber who will help you succeed in business, life, and relationships through the lens of history.

Becoming more successful starts by deconstructing the success of the past, and creating new systems that work for modern life.

I approach this by looking at the most successful people, leaders, and businesses in history and reverse engineer their success into systems you can use.

I started doing this in my own online businesses and quickly found out that all the answers on how to become more successful in (*Insert Your Dream Goal*) can be solved by doing a little bit of research.

History is written by the victors, and the lessons they have written down can help you reach your dream life. 

Hand-Crafted Old-World Branding & Packaging Design

Looking to capture the timeless elegance of early 1900s advertising and design? I specialize in creating unique, hand-drawn branding, illustration, and packaging that evokes the charm and sophistication of that era.

Olive Oil Packaging design for Fortuna Olive Oil and Balsamico

Fortuna Olive Oil & Balsamico

Branding design for explorer's elixir coffee co.

Explorer's Elixir Coffee Co.

Packaging Design For The Gilded Leaf Cannabis Co. Prerolls

The Gilded Leaf Cannabis Co.

Ronin Rush Packaging Design Thumbnail for Mythical Mix Branding casestudy

Mythical Mix Soda Co.

Wine Bottle Design
T-shirt design of a skeleton on a motorcycle
Smokey Hollow Whiskey bottle and packaging design
Black Seas Brewing Logo design
beer can label design and illustration
vechicle wrap designed for a ice cream company
logo design for gas monkey tequila cantina
mezcal bottle design and branding
olive oil bottle design and branding
a ethcing illustration of a raccoon
Grime and Glory Logo
coffee packaging design
concert posters for morgan wallens 2022 dangerous tour
emerald Horizon Logo design
scotch bottle design and branding
beer can label design
Front Royal Logo
logo design fir sunstone lodge
eagle jacket design
The kennedy at park place logo design
gin bottle design
website design for 7barrels olive oil
Badtone Belts Belt Design