A curation of software, services, and tools I use to run my online businesses and thrive in life.


Software, services, and tools I use to run my online businesses daily.


Tools, and products I personally use for health, fitness, and cooking.


Cameras, lighting, and editing software I use for Youtube and in my office setup daily.

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These are the services, and software I use to run my online businesses. Reverse this tech stack and save hundreds of hours of work.


This website is built with Kajabi the number #1 website/course builder. I have used every other website builder and this is by far the easiest, most impactful, and best-designed service I have used. I 100% recommend building your online business with Kajabi.

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Templates so you never stare at a blank page again. One-click publishing to millions of readers. Analytics to track performance. I use these templates for all of my written content, along with post-scheduling for Linkedin

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Stripe is the payment processor for all my business transactions (website checkout and invoices). Stripe makes it effortless to build and send invoices. This is also my recommendation for new online business owners due to ease of setup and use.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom for all of my graphic design projects. All 3 are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that offers 20+ design programs for one monthly fee. Adobe is the industry standard for design and photography.

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Envato Elements

I use Envato Elements for stock photography, graphics, footage, and fonts. For one low monthly cost you get unlimited downloads that you can keep for life. This is the best stock website for new creatives. or those who are looking to save money.

Unlimited Downloads Here


I use Artlist for all of the music and sound effects in my Youtube videos, and for client projects. They have a great selection of creator-friendly music and sound effects that take your work to the next level. All Artlist files pass Youtubes copywriter check.

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I use Artgrid for all the high-quality stock footage in my Youtube videos and client projects. All video clips are part of a sequence of clips shot at the same time so you will never be mixing together random stock videos again! Get unlimited 4k videos here!

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EditorX By Wix

I use Editor X by Wix for my agency website Editor X is a fully editable drag and drop builder with built in marketing, and invoicing. If you are looking for a 100% customizable web builder use Editor X for your service or e-commerce business.

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Shopify is the best e-commerce platform on the market. I have built 30+ shopify websites for clients and have helped them scale their online income. Get your first 3 months for $1 by clicking the link below, this offer is only available through the below link.

Create A Shopify Website And Get 3 Months For $1 A Month


Grammarly is my favorite in-browser editor, catching all my mistakes before they make it online. I use Grammarly to write all of my newsletters, and carousel posts saving me hours. It also saves me the need of hiring a full-time editor.

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These are the products I use daily in my life. They save me hours a day and increase the quality of my home office.


A great chair is a must if you work long hours. After working from home for over 3+ years I have found the best chair for me. Ergonomically designed, customizable, and sleek Branch's ergonomic office chairs are the best for your home office.

Browse Branch Ergo Chairs


I have been team Mac for over a decade now. As a designer, solopreneur, and content creator there is no better option. I personally build my MacBooks to be fully spec'd out so any creative task becomes a breeze. Linked is the model of MacBook pro I use.

Browse Macbook Pros


Rode makes the best microphones for home office use. They have great sound quality and easily connect to your camera or computer. Light, mobile, and high quality I use the Rode Mic Pro in all my online meetings, and Youtube videos.

Browse Rode Mic Pro


Sitting at your desk all day is terrible for you. That is why I use a foldable walking pad so I can walk while I work at my standing desk. I can exercise while I work, and maintain my energy levels throughout the day by being up and moving. A great purchase for a home office!

Browse Walking Pad A1


I use only organic skincare and body products from Primally Pure. Made with only natural ingredients it has helped me with acne and oily skin. Beautifully branded and easy to read you know what you are putting on your body and that it is natural.

Browse Primally Pure Products


I work out almost every day and need reliable, and quick protein when I am on the run. I love Ancient Nutrition's bone broth protein as it is natural, and tastes great. Easy to use, it can be combined with a number of recipes so you will never be low on protein

Browse Ancient Nutrition Products


My girlfriend and I love Thrive Market. When we have a busy week and don't have time to run to the store we can easily order online through Thrive Market and get great food for a reasonable price. We also love the variety of brands and products that they offer that we do not have locally.

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I love Force Of Nature's elk, bison, venison, and wild boar. Regentativly raised Force Of Nature's products are a pure and natural option if you are looking to spice up your weeknight meals. Get $15 Off your order using the link below!

Try Force Of Nature Meats (Get $15 Off Your Order)


These are the products I use to create Youtube videos and short-form content. All camera equipment and editing software is included here. I will keep this section updated as I add new products or workflows.


Branchs standing desk has been a game changer. This is fully adjustable standing desk you see in my Youtube set. I can adjust it up and down to get the perfect shot, along with setting it up for longer coaching calls or when I want to stand and work.

Browse Branch Standing Desks


GVM's 18.5" teleprompter is a game changer. This larger teleprompter comes with an 18" android tablet and software for all of your script reading needs. Professional quality and build at an affordable price. This was one of the first investments I made into my Youtube set.

Browse GVM Teleprompter


I use 2 32" pro displays on my primary desk for design work and video editing. The 6k 32" screens come in handy for seeing finer details during projects so I can make the best work possible. After a year using these, I could never go back to non-apple displays.

Browse Apple Displays


I use a set of 3 different GVM lights for my Youtube set. They are affordable, great quality, and can be adjusted as needed. These are a great investment if you are building out a set, or need more lighting in your office for video calls.

Browse GVM Lights


I recently swapped over from Canon to Pansasonic and could not be happier with my new camera. In my opinion the Lumix S5II is the best photo/video camera you can get under $2,000 USD. Cinematic quality in a small, beautiful camera body for a killer price.

Browse Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras


I use Final Cut Pro for all video editing. This includes video editing for Youtube, and short-form content. The software is reliable, beginner friendly, and has one set price. It is in my opinion the best video editing software if you are using a Mac computer. (MAC ONLY)

Get Final Cut Pro

NEEWER 79" Aluminum Tripod

For my teleprompter, I needed a super heavy-duty tripod. This tripod is built like a tank and could survive getting thrown off a mountain. It is perfect for large mountable equipment like teleprompters, camera sliders, or large cinematic camera rigs. 

Browse NEEWER Heavy Duty Tripod

IPAD PRO 12.9"

The IPad Pro has been my secret design weapon for many years. I use the apple pencil and procreate to hand drawn design work, logos, and sometimes frame by frame animations. If you are a creator, designer, or illustrator you need to invest in a IPad. 

Browse IPad Pro 12.9"

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