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0 To 100k Freelance Freedom Course

Learn how to start a freelance business and scale it to over 100K in recurring annual revenue using the same methods I have used to grow my own freelance business to over 150K a year in revenue while only working 4 hours a day. 

This 16 module 8-hour course will teach you everything I have learned building my freelance business over the last 6+ years and scaling it to over 150K annual recurring revenue. This self-paced course is no fluff including all the systems I use on a daily basis to run my freelance business.

Included in this course are 4 templates that will help you build your business plan, find your ideal clients, create your service offer, and help you write your website copy. Along with over a dozen linked examples and resources, I personally use daily.

Join Hundreds Of Students Who Have:

- Started a freelance business that allows them to win back their time.

- Have created niche freelance businesses that easily earn them over 100K a year in revenue 

- Rated this course 4.76 out of 5 Stars.

What You’ll Learn:

✅ How to start a freelance business step by step with guides

✅ How to identify your unique skillset 

✅ How to price your freelance clients

✅ How to create a referral system to gain new clients passively 

✅ How to find your ideal clients and craft your messaging to attract them

✅ How to create a personal brand that builds your business for you

✅ How to run a freelance business successfully

✅ How to manage your finances and taxes as a freelancer

✅ How to scale your freelance business to over 100K a year in annual revenue

🎁BONUS: Get my Mindset Mastery course for FREE and learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs, negative mindset, and imposter syndrome if you are afraid to take the leap and start an online business.

🎁BONUS: Get 4 google docs templates that include over 100+ prompts to help you start your freelance business. These templates will help you build your business plan, find your ideal clients, create your service offer, and help you write your website copy.

What People Are Saying:

Nikolai nails this course on every level. Sharp presentation, simple to follow, packed full of actionable content, and great value for money. There's no fluff or BS here either. He has the authority on the subject, and he uses it wisely. Thanks, Nikolai!

Adam Boyd

Hands down, this is THE course if you want to build a personal brand and get clients for your freelance business. You'll learn how to optimize your service offer, clarify your message, and, most importantly, how to create content that gets clients... And never run out of ideas on how to create more. Best investment I've made in years. For the amount of value that you get, the current price is a joke.

Sarah Lyon

The best investment I have made in the last year. Nikolai goes straight to the point, the course is packed with actionable advice that you can start implementing immediately. No vague strategies, just a clear step-by-step roadmap to succeeding as a freelancer.

Chris Geoffrey