TSPB #014 How To Work With Celebrity Clients

Sep 16, 2023

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In the last six years as a freelance graphic designer, I've worked with celebrities such as Morgan Wallen, Monkey Garage, and Blackberry Smoke on different design and marketing projects. 

In today's newsletter, I'm going to cover how you can start finding opportunities to start working with celebrities to boost the visibility of your own freelance business.


1.) Cold Outreach, Research, and Pitching Yourself.

One of the most effective ways to connect with celebrities or their teams is through strategic cold outreach and thorough research.

Finding the right contacts is crucial. Begin by searching online for managers, personal assistants, or anyone directly associated with your desired celebrity. 

LinkedIn is often the go-to platform for this purpose, as you can look at who you should specifically be reaching out to based on the service you provide.

Before reaching out, create a compelling reason for reaching out, beyond a generic "I want to work with you." Offer solutions to potential problems they might face based on your experience. For example, if a musician is touring in your area, offer specialized services related to the event they will be performing at.

The key is to have a clear call to action that demonstrates the value you can bring. When reaching out, ensure your message is genuine and helpful, not merely profit-driven. Also, make sure always to keep your emails concise and to the point.

Don't be discouraged if you don't receive immediate responses. Cold outreach often requires persistence. Consider following up strategically, spaced over a couple of weeks to increase your chances of engagement.


2.) Create A Strong Personal Brand Online.

A more passive yet highly effective approach is to build a strong personal brand online.

Showcase your work on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. Share the results of your freelance projects, allowing potential clients, including celebrities and their teams, to see the expertise you offer.

When posting your work online, incorporate geo-tags to highlight your location. This can be a game-changer for catching the attention of tour managers looking for local talent while on the road. Remember, quality attracts quality. Consistently create exceptional work to reinforce your reputation and credibility.


3.) Looking For Opportunities On A Job Board.

Creative job boards like Behance and Dribbble can be a great way to find freelance opportunities with celebrity-affiliated companies. Regularly check these platforms for contract positions and apply with your portfolio.

Don't limit your search to industry-specific boards; explore LinkedIn and Glassdoor for companies linked to celebrities who may be hiring. 

Also, consider agencies specializing in niche industries connected to your desired celebrity. This approach allows you to work your way into celebrity projects indirectly. While also becoming a freelancer for the agency you are partnering with.


4.) Leverage Previous Celebrity Work

Once you've secured projects with celebrities, capitalize on these opportunities. 

Create compelling case studies to showcase on your website. Highlighting your previous work with celebrities adds credibility and attracts high-profile clients. Incorporate examples of your work into your cold outreach emails, job board applications, and online portfolio.

In the world of freelance graphic design, collaborating with celebrities can be a career-defining move. Use these strategies to unlock opportunities, elevate your freelance business, and position yourself for success.

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